Invidious - In Death EP

Weekly playlist II

Eths - Ex Umbra In Solem EP

Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together

Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

2014 is looking to be pretty big year for metal. Last year will be hard to beat, after Sunbather, Is Survived By, Construct, etc. You can see my Best of 2013 post here. 2014 has gotten off to a strong start with Behemoth, Alcest, Architects, Svartidauði, and Carnifex all releasing full-lengths so far. But there’s plenty to look forward to, so here are some of the artists I’m most excited to hear this year.

Smoke and Mirrors: Lorelei - Lore of Lies

Just reviewed Lorelei’s new album. Hint: it’s fab.

"do it for the vine"

Icarus, before flying too close to the sun  (via autodriven)

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