18 y/o A Level student from Cambridgeshire, England. Metal listener, chess player, political, atheist.
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THIS. This is what it’s like when you realize how deeply sexism and misogyny are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. And once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. It’s everywhere.  I used to compare societal sexism to those Magic Eye pictures from the eighties. It’s hard to see the picture at first, and you have to sorta teach your eyes to make out the image hidden inside the graphical noise. But once you figure out how to see it, you can always see it. It’s always there.
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Yes. This. Amazing.
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Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.

[TRIGGER WARNING for extreme misogyny, gendered slurs, sexual harassment, sexual violence, victim blaming, graphic rape and death threats]


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"We want to talk about improving games journalism."



Ok sure - well what specifically do you think is the problem?

"Too much corruption, not enough transparency, media keep trying to silence our complaints."

Oof, that’s a tricky one. I mean you’re sort of suggesting a number of things there, first of all that corruption has been proven to…

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On threats and attempts to intimidate


I always wanted to take on the prevailing dogma on both domestic and foreign affairs. I knew that this could only ever be a limited and modest contribution, because it’s not individuals who change the world, but people grouping together to exert pressure through collective action. Neither did I…

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Incoming Rainstorm by gwynethglissmann on Flickr.
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Kandersteg. by Alejandro Melero Carrillo on Flickr.
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Reconstruction of 2nd–1st century BC Celtic home. Havranok, Slovakia .
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I come home from a six hour drive from Los Angeles back to my house and im fuckin hungry so im gonna make a quesadilla right and i sprinkle the fucking cheese on the tortilla right and i put it in the microwave except the microwaAVE ISNT THERE. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MICROWAVE WHERE THE FUCK IS IT SOMEONEN STOLE MY GODDAMNED MICROWAVE WHILE I WAS VACATIONING. MY TV IS STILL HERE EVERYTHING IS STILL HERE THEY STOLE MY GOIDAMNED MICROWVAE. ITS FUCKING GONE WHAT THE HELL I JUST WANT A GODAMNED MOTHEFUCKING QUESADILLA

Here’s some advice…. learn to use a stove. They taste better that way any way.

jokes on YOU i made thi s post up for notes how do you FEEL
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Gateway ruins of Satavahana Dynasty, ca. 1878.